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Picture: January 2018. 35mm, F/8, 1/3 sec. Taken at dusk from the window of my office in Spintec. Foreground is Hill La Bastille, background is mountains Belledonne.


Picture: June 2014. 18mm, F/10, 4sec. Taken at dawn not far from the top of Vercors summit Moucherotte. The outline of Mont-Blanc can be seen upper left.


Picture: Feb. 2005. Taken at dusk from the Hill 'La Bastille', above Grenoble


Picture: Oct. 2004. Taken at dawn from the Mountain area Vercors (Le pas de l'Oeille, 1960m high, one of the rare paths that allows one to cross the western cliffs of Vercors to go from the valley to the Vercors Plateau); located south-west of Grenoble. At the background can be seen the mountain areas Chartreuse (left) and Belledonne (right).