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Picture: March 1998

La Grave

a Grave
is a ski resort 70km south-east of Grenoble. Until quite recently there was a unique lift, starting 1400m-high and ending more than 3200m-high (shown above). About ten years ago a connection was established 3600m-high on the 'Glaciers de la Girose', with the other ski resort Les Deux Alpes.

    There is never one single engine from 3200m down to 1400m, so that everything is nearly off piste! Besides, the area is so huge as compared to the single lift that you often have the impression to be skiing alone. Finally you are often surrounded by steep slopes, glaciers and rocks, although there is not special danger from were you are.

    These are the reasons why La Grave is a very special resort, not far from unique. It is often considered as a 'Mecque' for skiers and surfers, and is therefore world-wide known (see some links below).

    As the place is special, a special race is organized each year. It is called 'Derby'. The rule is very simple: ski down more than 2000m as fast as possible. There are no gates, the slopes have not been smoothely prepared by machines, but rather roughly-prepared by 'tourists' the days before... and these 'tourists', not participating in the race, will also be enjoying themselves on the slopes during your racing down: you have to do with them!

    Finally I would have liked to tell you more about the small history of this unique lift in La Grave, but I am busy these days. I will do this in some time.

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