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Unusual signs on this page.

Windsailer fishing

Picture: Feb. 2008, close to Grenoble

Unauthorized persons

Picture: Nov. 2007, Singapore

Do not fish windsailers! Would you dare?


Picture: April. 2007, Northern Norway

The Norwegian Trekking Association, or Den Norske Turistforening in Norwegian langage, is a national trekking association in Norway. Dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century, it offers many leaflets and books about hiking in Norway (more or all of them in Norwegian langage), and an impressive network of comfortable mountain huts spread all other the country, especially in the mountains. It describes itself as aiming to promote straightforward, active, versatile and environmentally-friendly outdoor activities and to preserve the outdoors and the cultural landscape.
The Norwegian Trekking Association
DNT stones marking hiking trails

Picture: April. 2007, Northern Norway

The actuel height of this path-marking stone is roughly 50cm. Located between Rostahytta and Daertahytta, two DNT huts in northern Norway, in the Dividal National Park.
Dividal Park on Wikipedia
DNT huts DNT stones marking hiking trails


Picture: October 2008, Dublin

Warning on a dike
54th floor

Picture: June 2008, Shanghai

Lift in a skyscraper
Roughness Vertical directions


Picture: June 2011, Grenoble

Struggling for accommodation? (click for zooming; French)