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Below are some slides of some lectures and talks at conferences or in labs. For those presentations that were different however similar in content, only one set of slides is provided.

Updated Title
General magnetism and instrumental topics
June 2018 Lecture: Open questions in applied and fundamental nanomagnetism: Facing societal challenges of the 21st century [ Slides ]
From: NanoFrontMag workshop, (Madrid, Spain, 2018)
June 2017 Lecture: Scanning probe microscopy [ Slides ]
From: Sevilla University (Spain, 2017)
Sep 2015 School: Epitaxy for magnetism [ Slides ]
From: PULSE School (Porquerolles, 2015)
Jun 2015 Conference: Quantitative shadow XMCD-PEEM for probing 3D magnetization textures [ Slides ]
From: FerroX workshop (Diamond, 2015)
Nov 2014 Lecture: Magnetic Force Microscopy: basics and tricks [ Slides ]
From: NT-MDT event (Paris, 2014)
Jul 2015 Lecture: Magnetism basics [ Slides ]
From: InMRAM School (Grenoble, 2013-2015). Updated: 2015-06-12
Jun 2013 Lecture: TEM for magnetism: challenges and competitors [ Slides ]
From: Inauguration of I2TEM (CEMES, Toulouse, 2013)
Mar 2013 Practical: Units in magnetism [ Text ]
From: The European School on Magnetism 2013, (Cargèse, France).
May 2011 Lecture: Magnetic Force Microscopy [ Slides ]
From: Solemio School (Synchrotron Soleil, 2011)
Jun 2010 Lecture: Introduction to magnetism [ Slides: Moments | Magnetization processes (English) ]Updated: 2010-07-13
From: French topical meeting on magnetic nanoalloys (Fréjus, 2010)
Jan 2009 Lecture: Experimental techniques for the study of magnetic nano-objects [ Slides (English) ]
From: French topical meeting on magnetic nanoalloys (Lyon, 2009)
Magnetization reversal and low-dimensional magnetism
June 2017 Lecture: Magnetization textures [ Slides ]
From: Sevilla University (Spain, 2017).
Dec 2014 Lecture: Nanomagnetism: academic research and industrial background [ Slides ]
From: Physics Seminars, PHELMA, Grenoble Institute of Technology (France).
Aug 2014 Lecture: Nanomagnetism [ Part 1 (macrospins) | Part 2 (Domains and domains walls) | Part 3 (Films and heterostructures)  | Part 4 (Loops)  | Part 5 (References) ]
From: Summer School of the IEEE Magnetics Society 2014 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Updated: 2014-08-14.
Mar 2013 Lecture: What can we learn from hysteresis loops? [ Slides ]
From: The European School on Magnetism 2013, (Cargèse, France).
Mar 2013 Lecture: Simple views on magnetization processes [ Slides ]
From: The European School on Magnetism 2013, (Cargèse, France). Notice: material-science oriented
Jun 2011 Lecture: A short dive into nanomagnetism and spintronics [ Slides 1 | Slides 2 ]
From: Physics at the nanoscale School, (Devĕt Skal, Tcheque republic, 2011)
Nov 2010 Lecture: Nanomagnetism I. Magnetization reversal [ Slides ] II. Moments and interfacial effects [ Slides ]
From: IWOS MASENA: International Workshop and School on MAgnetic and SEmiconducting NAnostructures, Hanoi, Nov.2010
Sep 2009 Practical: Micromagnetics of domain walls [ Text ]
From: The European School on Magnetism 2009, (Timisoara, Romania).
Sep 2009 Lecture: An overview of magnetization reversal I. Some basics: Single-domain concepts and their use in materials [ Slides ] II. Non-single-domain effects: Interactions, nanostructures and domain walls [ Slides ]
From: ESM2007 and ESM2009 (European School on Magnetism)
Nov 2008 Lecture: An overview of nanomagnetism [ Slides (English) ]
From: M-SNOW 2008 workshop and School (Nancy, 2008)
May 2006 Lecture: Introduction to nanomagnetism and spintronics [ Slides (English) ]
From: Nano2006, Nanosciences (Porquerolles, 2006) JDN14, Topical School (Murol, 2006)
May 2006 Lecture: Magnetic thin films and nanostructures [ Lecture notes (French) . Later published in Techniques de l'Ingénieur E2150-2151 (2007) ]
From: Various under-graduate and graduate lectures
Aug 2005 Lecture: Magnetic properties of self-organized systems [ Slides ]
From: European School on Self-Organized Nanostructures (Cargèse 2005)
Mar 2005 Broad audience lecture: Nanostructures for magnetic recording [ Slides (French) ]
From: series of lectures on Magnetism, organized by the French Physical Society (Lyon, 2005).
Sep 2003 Lecture: Low-dimensional magnetism - Experiments [ Slides | Lecture notes]
From: French-Romanian school on nanomagnetism (Brasov, 2003)
Sep 2001 Undergraduate lecture: Patterned Magnetic Structures [ Slides ]
From: undergraduate lecture series at the KTH (Stockholm 2001)
Nanomagnetism and spintronics in 3D
Apr 2018 Conference: Field- and current-induced wall propagation in modulated-diameter cylindrical nanowires [ Slides ]
From: Intermag (Singapour 2018)
Sep 2016 Conference: Magnetic domain walls in cylindrical nanowires Views on the 3D race-track memory [ Slides ]
From: SPIE - Spintronics (San Diego 2016)
Jul 2015 Conference: Phase diagram of domain walls in one-dimensional structure, from strips to wires [ Slides ]
From: ICM (Barcelona, 2015)
Jun 2015 Conference: Quantitative shadow XMCD-PEEM for probing 3D magnetization textures [ Slides ]
From: FerroX workshop (Diamond, 2015)
May 2015 Conference: Magnetic domain walls in cylindrical nanowires From opportunities for fundamental science towards 3D storage media? [ Slides (abridged) ]
From: NanoSECQO (Paris 2015), Nordic Nanomagnetism workshop (Reykjavik 2015), IPCMS (Strasbourg 2015), Intermag2014 (Dresden)
Jun 2013 School: Bottom-up magnetic systems [ Slides (abridged)]
From: School CNano Île de France (Paris, June 2013)
Dec 2007 Conference: Magnetization processes within domain walls [ Slides]
From: Conference MML, Metallic Multilayers (Perth, Oct.2007) and various talks
Oct 2006 Conference: Self-organization of Fe nanowires on W(110) templates of trenches [ Slides ]
From: JMC10, Journées de la matière condensée (Toulouse, 2006); ECOSS 18, (Paris, 2006)
Jan 2006 Conference: 3D magnetization patterns in thick self-assembled dots [ Slides]
From: Conference Nanosea, Nanostructures Self-Assembling (Aix-en-Provence 2006), Workshop Magnetism at Soleil, first users' meeting of Synchrotron Soleil (Jan.2006), JEMS04 (Dresden, Germany, Sep.2004)
Aug 2004 Lecture: Epitaxial self-organization processes - Application to magnetic materials. [ Slides | Lecture notes ]
From: Heraeus summer school (Halle, 2004), 3rd ASI lecture (Japan, 2004); French-Romanian school on nanomagnetism (Brasov, 2003)
Aug 2004 Conference: Self-organization of Fe/cc(110) systems, cc=Mo,W,WxMo1-x [ Slides ]
From: ICCG14, Invited (Grenoble, 2004); ECSCD-8, Invited (Segovia, Spain, 2004)
Nov 2002 Conference: Surface super-diffraction on Co/Au(111) [ Slides ]From: 'Relax' Workshop (Strasbourg, France, 2002), ICCG-13, Invited (Kyoto, Japan, 2001)
Sep 2003 Conference: Self-organization of Co/Au(111) dots and pillars [ Slides ]
From: ICCG-13, Invited (Kyoto, Japan, 2001), ISPMM-ISAMT, Invited (Taipei, Taiwan, 2001)